Request Flies

Update: 24 October 2022:
      We are in the process of transferring the DSPR RIL collection to the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center. We anticipate this process taking a few months, and will update this page as we know more. In the meantime, please contact Stuart Macdonald ( with any questions.

The following sets of lines are available upon request:
  • Founder Lines
      The 15 Founder Lines detailed here. Two of the original founder lines (A1 and B5) used to create the DSPR have been lost. The progenitor of A1 was obtained from Bloomington (stock number 64349) , and subjected to low pass genome sequencing to ensure identity with founder A1. This new stock will be shipped if founder A1 is requested, however users should expect some small differences. Founder B5 is no longer available.
  • Founder+ Set
      The 15 Founder Lines, 12 population A RILs and 12 population B RILs
  • Population A RILs (approx. 800 RILs)
  • Population B RILs (approx. 800 RILs)

  • Small Set
      100 arbitrary lines from each of the 4 subpopulations
  • Custom Set
      Specify any set of population A and/or population B RILs. You may wish to check the RIL Info Table for the status of ind ividual lines.

To request any of the above sets of lines, please provid e the following information in the body of an email and send to DSPR(

    1. Details of the lines you need
      - We list commonly-requested sets at the top of the page
      - For custom sets of lines please attach a plain text list of the RIL IDs you want, and please remember to numerically sort the list
    2. Your email address
    3. Your name
    4. Your PIs name (if you are not the PI of the lab)
    5. Your institution
    6. Your full telephone number
    7. Your full shipping address
    8. Detailed shipping instructions
      - Please provide any details on the desired method of shipping.
      - We routinely send flies via FedEx/UPS, so please provide an account number if at all possible.
      - If you are outside the US, please provide any instructions that must be observed to ensure the package gets through customs.
    9. Any other instructions