Available Data

Most data associated with the DSPR is available here. Please note that all genome positions in the subsequent data tables are based on release 5 of the D. melanogaster genome sequence (FlyBase recently updated to release 6, so positions will need to be converted for use on FlyBase.) If you would like to request data that does not appear here, please contact DSPR(flyrils@gmail.com)

Phenotype Data

Chemotherapy Drug Toxicity

Learning and Memory

Nicotine Resistance

Gene Expression Data

Female Heads (Nimblegen Arrays)

IIS/TOR Targeted Expression on Whole Bodies (OpenArray)

Genomic Data for Founders and RILs

Most Recent Santa Cruz Browser Track

Release 4

Release 3
    • Note: An error in the sample ids was discovered and corrected in this file. It was updated April 10, 2015. Please update your file if you obtained it prior to this date. Affected samples included AB8, 3RA2, B5xSS, B5xSAM

Release 2

Release 1

Raw FASTQ files

Supplementary Information from:
King, E. G., C. M. Merkes, C. L. McNeil, S. R. Hoofer, S. Sen, K. W. Broman, A. D. Long & S. J. Macdonald. 2012. Genetic dissection of a model complex trait using the Drosophila Synthetic Population Resource. Genome Research. 22: 1558-1566