Tools for Data Analysis

R packages:

We have developed data packages for the pA and pB RILs containing the HMM data (DSPRqtlA/DSPRqtlB) and an accompanying analysis package (DSPRqtl). The current versions of the software packages give genome positions based on release 5 of the D. melanogaster genome sequence. Since FlyBase recently updated to release 6, positions in output tables from DSPRqtl will need to be converted for use on FlyBase. The DSPRqtl package is in active development. Check back often to obtain the most recent version. Installation instructions for the packages are included in the tutorial reference below. The manual for the DSPRqtl package is available here.

View a step-by-step data analysis tutorial for mapping QTL in the DSPR here or download a pdf here.

To access the tutorial within R after installing the DSPRqtl package, type:



Santa Cruz Browser Track:

Visualize SNPs, INDELs, and TEs in the DSPR founders here.